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* Rio Colorado (“Colorados”) – The condo sits directly on one of the best beach breaks in Central America.    This EPIC river mouth beach break boasts high performance tubing waves that break left and right over a sand bottom.  The majority of the videos and photos shot in Nicaragua are taken right here.  Need to check the waves?  Just look out the window of the master bedroom or living room!

* Panga drops – A deep water reef break that is just a quick 10 minute walk down the beach.  The horseshoe flat rock reef amplifies all swells to ensure quality  waves even if its flat everywhere else.  It’s a big, soft wave that breaks left and right and reforms on the inside.

* Los Perros  - a rocky right point break that wraps all the way into the bay on larger swells.  A great option if it gets really big or is closing out at the other breaks.

* Playa Amarillo – Another quality beach break just down the beach.

* Playa Manzanilla, Playgrounds, Lance’s Left are all just a boat ride away if you want to check them out.  Our guide can get you there no problem and make sure you are there when the conditions are just right.

* BE ADVISED – Colorados, Panga Drops, and Los Perros are all within the guarded gates of Hacienda Iguana and access to them is very limited to those not staying in Hacienda Iguana.  To surf them you will have to either take a bumpy boat ride or walk A LONG WAY down the beach from Gigante or Rancho Santana.

* Why stay in a surf camp and depend on someone else to get you there?  You are stuck on their schedule and have to come and go when they say.    Add up the total cost of the camp for your entire group and compare that to renting our condo and getting our guide to take care of everything (food, transportation, boat trips, etc).

* Why stay in other condos, houses, or developments that require a long walk or drive to get to the breaks?  Check the Hacienda Iguana map to see exactly where you are staying in relation to the breaks you want to surf.

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